Matt Furniss

Audio Engineer of titles like Hill St.Blues,

Soccer Kid & Wiz & Liz on the Amiga

"The Amiga Works from Allister Brimble is an anthology of some of the best loved Commodore Amiga game music. Vintage titles from the heyday of Amiga gaming - Alien Breed, Project X, Body Blows and many more. All of Team17's well known classics are faithfully represented.


Untethered from the confines of the Amiga audio hardware these remade works sound amazing. Not just another retro-remake compilation, every track in The Amiga Works is a completely new recreation of the original. Allister's inventive arrangement and recording skills breath new life into each song. A total of 25 tracks spanning 2 CDs make this collection easily worth the price of admission.


The Amiga Works is essential listening for VGM and electronic music fans."


Check out some of Matt's work on You Tube here



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